Name: Moritz Keuler
Country of Origin: Germany
Study programme: Brewing and Beverage Technology

Moritz was already connected to the CAW before his studies. His parents were guests of the CAW during their studies, Moritz himself completed his internship with our dear Alumnus Marc Weber. After joining the CAW, he rose steadily through its ranks and, after Oleksiy's record-breaking presidency, took over his office, which he carries out in a statesmanlike manner. His stature and long beard give him the appearance of a true president and apparently several years of life experience.

Vice President

Name: Vanessa Walsh
Country of Origin: Canada
Study programme: Translation Sciences

Vanessa was born northeast of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. For the past six years in Germany, she has worked hard to learn German. With excitement, almost disbelief and gratitude, she can say that she has succeeded!!! She is overjoyed to have reached such a milestone. Now she works full time as a freelance translator and language lecturer, with full success. She really likes the work-life and is happy to live with her partner in Freising.
She enjoys cooking, playing the violin, participating in political discussions and adventures. Life has just begun! She hopes to meet you in person soon somewhere – inside or outside Freising!



Name: Oleksiy Degtyaruk
Country of Origin: Ukraine
Study programme: Biology

Oleksiy is a Ukrainian with "French" roots, which he has been all too happy to put into the palatable, beer-soaked soil of the Free State of Bavaria. Despite his bear-like stature, reverberating voice and predisposition to consuming lots of delicious barley juice, which makes him a clear specimen of the Potator cerevisiae genus to those on the outside, he has taken to biology. When he's not shaving mice or pushing the boundaries of human knowledge, he's our voice of the people as an advisor of our glorious CAW! Das Boot must die.



Name: Borislav Mladenov
Country of Origin: Bulgaria
Study programme: Molecular biotechnology

For Borislav (or Bobby), moving to Freising was the ultimate culture shock as he tried to balance starting a new life with continuing his studies in a new country. Rediscovering the CAW regulars' table after the Corona lockdowns not only helped him overcome this by connecting with like-minded people, but also showed him new perspectives by meeting people from different walks of life. And that is what he values most about the CAW – the community and the new interesting world views and stories from the multicultural environment of the regulars' table and CAW events. He has a passion for all things biology, especially molecular pathways, cell biology and genetics. He would recommend anyone looking for a new community to join the club and looks forward to meeting you at a regulars' table!

Inventory Keeper

Name: Ka Nok Keith Chan
Country of Origind: Hong Kong
Study programme: Sustainable Resource Management

Keith is always anxious to know why he is at the regulars' table. Although Keith can only speak a little German, he takes his office as inventory keeper very seriously and always glances at the members' shirts to make sure they are all wearing their CAW pin. Or maybe he just looks at the beer glasses, as he claims to be obsessed with beer.


Name: Kinga Szathmári
Country of Origin: Hungary
Study programme: Molecular biotechnology

Kinga has adapted well to the Bavarian environment, she is always up for a beer. She has much more enthusiasm to attend a CAW event than to follow up lectures, but studying longer only means more student life! Her favourite thing about her degree is the practical modules, genetics and neurobiology. In addition to her studies, she also works at the university, in her spare time she enjoys doing sports and is a talented baker. She is looking forward to meeting everyone at a regulars' table!



Name: Stefan Steinhauser
Country of Origin: Austria
Study programme: Food Technology

Stefan has been in the CAW for such a long time that the waiter in our regulars' pub no longer has to ask him what he would like to drink, because it is the same every week. Continuity is also the term one could use to describe Stefan's work on the board. He takes care of the long-term projects as well as the organisation within the CAW and persistently (or stubbornly) writes letters and emails to every single CAW member, although most of them go unanswered. Having served under four CAW presidents, Oleksiy refers to him as the "Grey Eminencel".



Name: Waleed Ahmad
Country of Origin: Pakistan
Study programme: Sustainable Resource Management

Waleed is studying M.Sc Sustainable Resource Management at the Technical University of Munich. His background contains expertise from the fields of Physics, Materials Engineering, Resource Management and Software Engineering. Waleed loves to get drunk and party hard at any time of the day or night and any day of the week. Being a car enthusiast, he has been interning at BMW and some day wishes to have a mobility based startup of his own.