CAW Regulars' Table

The CAW regulars' table takes place every Wednesday during the lecture period from 8:00 pm on at Sammamera in Freising and forms the centre of our activities. The student members and guests of the CAW get together in the back area of the pub – the 'Stüberl' – and sometimes in the beer garden in summer. CAW alumni also visit the regulars' table from time to time. For newcomers, the CAW regulars' table is therefore the ideal opportunity to get to know the members of the CAW and to find out about current topics concerning Freising and studying. There is no set programme. Whether it's about studies, beer, future excursions or training one's German language skills, the participants set the topics.

In order to get to know each other better and to strengthen the sense of community, the CAW drinks from a boot at the regulars' table. This involves taking turns to drink from a boot-shaped glass with a volume capacity of two litres. The boot is introduced with the CAW song and the drinking itself follows a predefined order. There is no compulsory drinking, i.e., participation in boot drinking is voluntary. Whether as a spectator or participant, this part of living student culture is an experience!