Support for international students in Freising

The Verein zur Förderung internationaler Studenten in Weihenstephan e.V. (Association for the Promotion of International Students in Weihenstephan) pursues several goals in order to fulfil the purposes set out in its by-laws. We currently have seven funding pools to support projects for international students in Weihenstephan.

General grants
Especially as a new association, the funding pools are not very full yet. For this reason, we have created a separate funding pool for general grants. All membership fees, income from economic activities and all donations that are not earmarked for a specific purpose flow into this pool. The Board of Directors distributes these funds to the following funding pools according to need.
Events Events can include company tours to cultivate and expand the knowledge acquired during studies, tastings to impart knowledge of beverage and food technology, or city tours and hikes to cultivate sports, general education, and art and culture. We support associations, university groups and organisations based in Freising with implementation and financing.
Expanding the CAW archive
The Club Ausländischer Weihenstephaner has been shaping, documenting and archiving international student life at Weihenstephan since 1939. We support the preservation of this historical cultural heritage by procuring material (shelves, file folders, etc.) as well as in the course of digitising the files.
Association supplies
To implement our programme of events – especially in the area of culinary arts and tastings – we need dishes, glasses and cooking utensils. Our still young association therefore uses part of its funds to equip itself with utensils.
Brewing and beer culture
Weihenstephan is considered the origin of beer and has always attracted (international) brewing students. To specifically promote the brewing aspect specifically, we support brewing and beer culture. This is done, among other things, through the targeted support of beer tastings, brewing competitions or in the restoration of the bulbous beer mugs used in Freising especially by the international members of the Club Ausländischer Weihenstephaner.
Brewing equipment
The association would like to offer international brewing students the opportunity to brew beer outside of their studies – for the CAW wheat beer competition, for example. In addition, a brewing facility would open up the possibility of offering brewing courses and workshops for interested but non-specialist students.
Promotion of housing
Student housing is scarce and expensive in Freising. Especially for international students, the housing issue is a major hurdle at the beginning of their studies. Through the long-term creation of a residence hall for students in need of student housing at reduced rents, we would like to alleviate the housing situation somewhat.

Do you want to support the activities of the Association and thus international students in Weihenstephan? We have listed several ways to do so below.

Become a member of the Verein zur Förderung internationaler Studenten in Weihenstephan e.V. As a member, you will support the association through your annual membership fee and gain access to our online services. These include our job forum, where you can search for trained professionals with an international background, as well as for new professional challenges, or the member directory to contact other members. Sponsoring institutions and companies are also presented specifically on our website.

Here we have compiled detailed instructions for the membership application for you.

Download information flyer on association membership

Place an advert in the CAW Annual Report. The annual report is sent to our members all over the world both in print and as a PDF file. All reports are also available on our archive page. Especially in this anniversary year, the CAW Annual Report will enjoy even more attention than it already does. You are welcome to combine your advertising message with a greeting or congratulations to the international students at Weihenstephan. We have summarised more detailed information in our information sheet.

Support the association through monetary donations. Monetary donations end up directly in one of our funding pools. Here, you also have the opportunity to bookmark donations and support the exact project that is close to your heart. Donations without bookmarking flow into the "General grants" pool. For donations of a sum equivalent to € 25 or more, we will issue an official donation receipt ("Spendenbescheinigung", "Spendenquittung"). In Germany, private individuals can claim donations as a special tax-reducing expense in their income tax return, and corporations and companies can deduct them from their taxable income. If your home country offers similar opportunities for tax relief on donations, we will be happy to provide you with the relevant documents.

Bank details of the Association for the Promotion of International Students in Weihenstephan e.V.

Verein zur Förderung internationaler Studenten in Weihenstephan e.V.
Sparkasse Freising Moosburg

IBAN: DE34 7005 1003 0025 9242 42

Do you brew beer, make wines, distil spirits or produce foodstuffs that you would like to present to the international students at Weihenstephan? Would you like to support the association in some other way with material donations? No problem. Feel free to contact us and announce your donation by email to For donations of €25 or more, we will be happy to issue an official donation receipt ("Spendenbescheinigung", "Spendenquittung").